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    Gas Line Installation and Repairing:

    Boiler Service

    Key Benefit of Service

    Registered Gas Installers of Ireland, RGII qualified, trained, experienced to install your gas line form the Bord Gais supply.

    Boiler Service

    Key Benefit of Service

    Registered Gas Installers of Ireland, RGII qualified, trained, experienced to install your gas line form the Bord Gais supply.

    Who this is for:

    If you’re anything like most people, then it’s the same thing every year – “why didn’t I book the boiler service earlier!”

    So make this the week you give Gas Smart a call.

    Mark at Gas Smart is the experienced, dependable RGI certified plumber you’re looking for. Right now he’s offering a gas boiler service and safety check for €89!

    And he can sort all those other jobs too, from small leaks to installing a new boiler, just fixing the old one or creating that dream bathroom. Find Mark on or give him a shout now on 085 204 96 77

    As a Registered Gas Installer (RGI) he covers all gas boilers, boiler installation, service and repair.

    As a Plumber, he is fully qualified, experienced and insured for all jobs from the garden tap to that mysterious leak, to installing bathrooms or underfloor heating, “no job too small, no job too big!”.

    “Don’t be left out in the cold!” Mark and his team are offering a Gas Boiler Service an Full Safety Check for just €89.

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    Background History:

    Founded by Mark Peacocke, a Stillorgan native with a glorious history with Kilmacud Crokes, Father of a young family with the same long-suffering wife.

    Mark has been steadily building this business over the last ten years, learning the lessons of life and the Trade.

    Heading into his mid-thirties, he has settled into a thriving business.

    “Don’t be left out in the cold”

    New Boiler Installation

    Boiler Service Ireland

    Your energy bills are increasing

    If so, it’s likely that your boiler needs replacing. A boiler’s efficiency will usually decrease as it gets older, leading to more expensive energy bills.

    So, if your boiler is on a lower rating, it’s time to put some money aside for a replacement – before your energy bills take it all.

    A-rated boilers operate at more than 90% efficiency, while G-rated models run at 70% or less.

    Roughly 60% of what we spend on our energy bills every year results from the central heating and hot water from our boilers.

    So, knowing when it needs to be replaced should be your priority!

    What Our Clients Say

    General Questions

    We offer Domestic & Commercial Heating & Plumbing, for the commercial, leisure, industrial and retail sector in Ireland.   We specialise in Plumbing, Heating and Renewable Energy for the domestic and commercial Market. Renowned as a Heating Contractor, we deliver the complete installation of your Central Heating System including Zone Systems, Thermostatic Radiator Valves and Under Floor Heating.

    They can provide unlimited hot water at a moment’s notice. There ye go.

    The detailed response is that when you turn a tap, cold water rushes in from the mains to your combi boiler, where it is quickly transformed, whether for the radiators, the shower or the kitchen tap. Now, realise, it has to get to you through the pipes!

    So they only heat the water you use, so they generally they should cut your energy bills. Their compact nature also means they’re usually easier to install and take up less space, which is great for smaller homes. You can see some of the images of our installation in tiny spaces!

    Your water may take a little time to heat up, and if your mains pressure isn’t good, your shower’s water pressure won’t be either.

    Gone are the days of “did you switch off the immersion?”.

    Typically, we provide our services to the greater Dublin area and surrounding counties. But please get in touch if there is something we could help you with outside of these areas and we would be happy to see if we could help!

    We are based in Shankill, so Ballybrack, Loughlinstown, Bray, Cabinteely, Stillorgan, Kilmacud, Foxrock, Dalkey, Delgany, Killiney Dun Laoghaire (or Dun Laoire!!!!) and the Southside of Dublin are all on the doorstep, and out back, is the garden county of Wicklow.   Basically, anywhere along the Motorways, M50/M11 and anywhere else by appointment.

    In a word, YES!

    While we have always advised on the latest and greatest boiler technology to increase comfort, control and reduce consumption, we also service public sector housing. Let us give you a price for upgrading your boiler and advising you on available grant aid.

    Yes we do!! If you have an emergency please get in touch with us straight away and we would be happy to assist you in any way we can.

    Simply click HERE to call us now!

    What do you want the boiler to do for you?

    • How many bedrooms and bathrooms you have?

    • Your budget, what do you want to spend?

    • Are you cooking with gas?

    • How much space you have for a boiler?

    • How environmentally friendly you want your boiler to be?

    Give us a call to discuss, it is what we are doing every day.

    All you want is to get your heating and hot water sorted, and not have to think about it again.

    The best boiler should fit your budget, but really, will that do what you want it to do? How many showers do you have? How many radiators? Where do you need hot water immediately? So yes the boiler itself is the bulk of the price, but is the existing pipework usable? The radiators, what condition are they in?

    • ErP rating, efficiency: European Union, gives a grade to energy-related products (ErP) like boilers for their central heating and hot water capabilities. You should aim for an A rating in both categories, 92% efficient in their fuel use

    • Decibels: Any decibel level below 80dB is healthy for humans, but nder 50dB is ideal.

    • Kilowatts: This measures how much energy your boiler can use to heat your home. Smaller places will need a boiler which uses up to 24kW, while larger homes may require 35kW or more. Have the plumber have a look at your place or tell him about it, he will know what works.

    • Nitrogen oxides released into the atmosphere by your boiler. Less than 30 is ideal, 35 or over is a problem, and more than 40 is extremely bad, like crossing the streams in Ghostbusters.

    • Size: Make sure to work out how much space you have, then find a boiler that matches that.

    Is your boiler’s flame is yellow? Then you must call an engineer immediately so they can assess the seriousness of the situation-carbon monoxide in your boiler.

    As carbon monoxide is odourless, it can be hard to distinguish, but it’s vital that it is spotted right away – so keep an eye out for that yellow flame.

    And buy an alarm, or have us bring one when we are doing the service and we will fit it in the right location.

    Although carbon monoxide has no odour, a sour smelling boiler may be a sign of a potential gas leak. If this is the case, turn off your boiler immediately and contact the Gas Emergency Services.

    Well, put it this way, is your family’s life worth more than €90 plus VAT? Plus the price of a carbon monoxide alarm!!!

    Arranging annual service checks will also maintain the wellbeing of your boiler, which will consequently increase the likelihood of it having a long and healthy life.

    You could think of it like owning a car: to maintain our car and ensure it doesn’t have any malfunctions, you get it serviced to prevent any unwanted breakdowns.

    A boiler’s efficiency will usually decrease as it gets older, leading to more expensive energy bills.

    A leak doesn’t always mean it’s time to change your , it can simply mean that there’s some sort of issue with an internal component, such as a seal or valve. In this case, it’s time to call an engineer out, before it leads to other issues – such as rust and corrosion, or structural damage to your home – which you’ll definitely want to avoid.

    Above all, having a leak in your boiler will mean that your heating will be inefficient, leaving you waiting impatiently for the radiators to work their magic.

    Also, a bad smelling boiler can be a sign of a dangerous boiler.

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