Combat Rust, Mineral & Sludge Accumulation

Boilers – Heat Pumps – AHU’s – Air Conditioning – Pipes – Ancillary Equipment

  • Effective energy saving through optimum heat transfer.
  • Protects all components in your heating system against corrosion.
  • Ensures clear and clean heating system water and thus a failure-free
  • No additional anti-rust agent necessary.

Magnetic’s Hot Water Regulator, HWR, regulates the 3 unfavourable water conditions that can occur in every heating system:

  • Oxygen,
  • Acidic pH value and
  • electrical conductivity.

The consequences of these factors are:

  • Sludge Accumulation in floor heating tubes due to corrosion products.
  • Increased energy consumption due to poor heat transfer.
  • Blockage of control valves and pumps.
  • Corrosion damage in the boiler, radiators, heat exchangers and Heat pumps.
  • Defective heat quantity meters
  • Flow noises due to corrosion related gas formations.

Magnetic provide a range of portable and permanent options for water demineralisation of heating/cooling loops.

  • No corrosion within the system
  • Improved thermal efficiencies
  • Prolonged equipment life
  • No requirement for salts/chemicals
  • Little or no maintenance costs

Magnetics Hot Water Regulator

Magnetics Hot Water Regulator

magnetic® HWR plus heating water regulator

The 3 stages in which Magnetic’s HWR controls a heating/cooling system’s water.

  1. Magnetics Hot Water Regulator


Reliably removes Oxygen and other gasses present in the water through a vent at the top of the HWR. Oxygen and other gasses become present in the system due to heating tubes, valves, pumps, vents or defective expansion vessels. It is the existence of such elements in the heating/cooling circuit which allow for corrosion, but with HWR this is not a problem.

  1. Anode Protection:

The reaction vessel of the HWR heating system water regulating device is equipped with a specially developed protective anode. The oxygen is forced to bind with the protective anode due to a galvanic current, that brings the pH value into an optimum range.

  1. Magnetic Flux and Sludge Filter

Removes the sludge from the heating/cooling system, thus making the water clear again. This process is necessary to prevent deposits blocking the heating/cooling circuit or culminating within the system. Using both gravity and a magnetic flux, the smallest particles of sludge are reliably filtered. The location of this means that the build up of sludge can be removed easily and without switching off the heating system. The corrosion particles are released when the magnet is pulled out and can then be simply removed via the drain tap.

Once this process is installed the benefits can be experienced almost instantaneously. These benefits include:

  • No more sludge accumulation
  • Up to 25% savings on energy consumption
  • No more blockage of control valves and pumps
  • No more corrosion damage of appliances such as boilers, heat pumps, radiators and heat exchangers
  • Noise dramatically reduced due to the removal of gas formations.
  • Chemical free
  • Little maintenance involved

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Heating system refill water treatment

Magnetic Demineralization Cartridge 300

Tap water containing many minerals is harmful to the new generation of heating systems. Therefore modern heating systems are filled with demineralized water. The magnetic® Demineralization Cartridge 300 is perfectly designed for the treatment of heating systems refill water.

  • Safe refilling of heating systems with demineralized water according to VDI 2035
  • Suitable for treatment of small heating water quantities
  • No measuring device for capacity monitoring necessary
  • Unbeatable price-performance ratio

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Demineralized Water for the household


Demineralized water is necessary for various household applications. You can take demineralized water from the magnetic® demineralization cartridge with the assembly-kit for any use at any time.

Various applications:

  • Batteries
  • Air humidifiers
  • Spraying of indoor plants
  • Steam irons
  • Cleaning of windows, car, upholstery etc. without water spots
  • Aquarium

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The Mini

magnetic® demineralization basic mobil mini for Small Water Quantities.

  • made in Germany
  • Monitoring of the filling water by a precise measuring
  • computer (visual and audio indication)
  • Resettable digital water quantity counter
  • Filling rate: 420 l/h
  • Filling capacity of up to 500 litres at 20° dH / 35.6° fH
  • Fast resin replacement at the worksite due to practical
  • collecting sack
  • Weight of only 10 kg

HWR summary

_magnetic_Water_Demineralization_brochure_ Magnetics Hot Water Regulator

_magnetic_Water_Demineralization_brochure_ Magnetics Hot Water Regulator


The Premium Class

magnetic® demineralization profi mobil plus

  • Monitoring of the filling water by a precise measuring computer at inlet and outlet (visual and audio indication)
  • High filling rate: 1500 l/h
  • Filling capacity of up to 2400 litres at 20° dH / 35.6° fH
  • Fast resin replacement at the worksite due to practical collecting sack and drain tap
  • Frost protection due to drain tap
  • Long service life thanks to a stainless steel construction

Magnetics Hot Water Regulator

_magnetic_Water_Demineralization_brochure_ Magnetics Hot Water Regulator

High-Quality Refill Station for Permanent Installation.

magnetic® demineralization refill station

  • Enormously low operating costs
  • Very easy resin replacement due to practical bag
  • 100% checking accuracy with a measuring computer with precise conductivity measurement and resettable water quantity counter
  • Available in different sizes – for every requirement
  • Very flexible usage
  • Optionally available with separate system isolator BA

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_magnetic_Water_Demineralization_brochure_ Magnetics Hot Water Regulator

magnetic® Scale Transformer

The Protection for Your Pipes!

Measurable results after only 4 weeks!

  • Convincing reference customers
  • Made in Germany
  • 20-year warranty
  • No installation costs
  • No operating costs
  • No repair costs

Invisible and dangerous:

  • Extensive damage due to limescale formation in pipes
  • Limescale damage in the hot water system
  • Shorter service life of your appliances and machines

Visible and annoying:

  • Limescale on mixers, taps and shower heads
  • Increased consumption of soap, washing powder

and cleaners

  • Damage to household appliances

Working mode of the Scale Transformer

In the magnetic® Scale Transformer with Vitalisation, the water flows through

specially oriented magnetic fields. The structure of the calcium is changed so that it

can no longer form deposits in the pipes.

Magnetics Hot Water Regulator

– Magnetics Hot Water Regulator ENG_magnetic_Demineralization_Cartridge_300_brochure_web