Drain Cleaning & Repairs

Wherever water flows, you will find a plumber! Drains may be the responsibility of the builder, but the plumber knows how it all goes together and generally gets the call first to find the leak! The Leak could be coming form the roof, or it could be a leaky pipe and the water gathering behind the plasterboard of the walls in the kitchen, leaving staining or a horrible smell! The Plumber is in the ideal position to assess, diagnose, trace and lead the renovation!

• Smell it? Feel it? Where is it? We can find it and write the Plumber’s Report for the insurance company, then we can oversee the entire restoration process including plumbers, painters, decorators, carpenters, insurance assessors. The beauty is, we take all the pain away. Call us.

Key Benefit of Service

The beauty is that we can handle it all, source the leak, repair it and renovate the premises including decoration.

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